WhyMind seeks to work with young people through workshops and seminars to increase awareness and importance of their mental health, creating a space to explore the affect decisions they make in life have on it. This is achieved through: 

Educating young people on the ways their minds work
Empowering them with the tools and confidence to make different choices, and
Inspiring them to whole, healthy lives as fully participating members of their communities. 


Groups are offered a number of short seminar interactive presentations (30-40 minutes each, but can be tailored to a groups individual needs) looking at a range of topics relevant to young people’s lives and experiences. Examples of seminars offered include:

  • Understanding and managing anxiety & stress
  • General well-being & self care
  • Communication through conflict ( Building healthy relationships) 
  • Working together - team work & dynamics
  • Responsible internet & social media use
  • Mindfulness & caring for our mental health
  • Understanding and taming the addictive mind
  • Pornography - Is there a downside?

Teachers, leaders or group heads will identify one or more of the topics relevant to the issues their group are facing to be presented. 


Sessions are delivered to connect with a range of learning styles and incorporate a range of practical tools for engaging with mental health management, introduced through in-room practice and specially developed and tailored video resources.

All seminars will be delivered in keeping with the ethos of the organisation or school.

For more information or to book WhyMind for a session with your group, get in touch below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


The workshops give students the practical tools to deal with the stress and anxiety that school life can bring. They really engaged the students and helped form a practical plan to support each other and themselves. Highly recommend!
— Eric Hughes, Secondary School co-ordinator SU
WhyMind’s workshops were an excellent experience for our teenagers, helping them understand their own minds and make better informed life decisions. It has been of great benefit to see our teenagers become more self-aware and less vulnerable to external & internal negativity.
— Neil Douglas, Youth Leader