What should I expect on my first session?

A short counselling contract will be discussed and signed, outlining and understanding the expectations of the service provided from both the counsellor and the client. Following this, an informal discussion on what brings you to counselling at this time and any worries or concerns you have will take place. A next appointment may then be set if the client and the counsellor feel a good working relationship can be fostered between the two parties. 


What happens during the sessions?

Sessions take place usually for 50 minutes, often at the same time each week. During the session, the focus is initially on discussing life experience, past and present, and through conversation drawing out patterns and behaviours that may be uncovered. In becoming aware of these patterns, which may have been unknown, the possibility for change is uncovered, and tools and structures will be discussed to incorporate these new habits and patterns into your life. 


How will counselling help me?

Many of us feel that our issues can and should be sorted out within our own minds, that we shouldn’t “air our problems” for others to see. Counselling acknowledges that there are times in our lives when it helps to have extra support to help you through particular, difficult or perplexing times. It provides a safe, confidential & non-judgemental arena for you to openly discuss, consider and wrestle with your past or present experiences, empowering you with the tools and confidence that lead to long term change.


How many sessions do I need?

There is no prescribed number of sessions recommended as each client comes with their own unique set of circumstances. However, we would recommend an initial block of six sessions to be undertaken, which can then be extended if desired after a review conversation with your counsellor during this time. 


Will my counsellor keep everything I say confidential?

All that you share with you counsellor will be held in the strictest of confidences. This confidentiality does however does have a few limitations, particularly if failure to disclose will result in harm to yourself or another. These exceptions will be clearly outlined to you in your initial session.


How do I book a session?

Contact us through the below form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to set up an initial session with you.